We're accountable to our commitments

The demographics of our workforce will continue to serve as one measure of our progress toward a more diverse and inclusive Microsoft, and our contribution to the diversity of the tech industry. The 2018 workforce diversity numbers below reflect the organization as of June 30, 2018. Previously published reports reflected the organization as of September 30 of that year. Microsoft and LinkedIn have moved to a June 30 reporting date to align to the company’s fiscal year.
Data as of June 30, 2018.
Gender and ethnicity totals do not include unknown. Denominators include unknown.
Gender data is global, ethnicity data is US only.
Additional information can be found in our EEO-1 report as well as selected portions of our Affirmative Action Plan as a federal contractor under Executive Order 11246.

Equal pay

In addition to the demographic disclosures provided above, we also provide annual information about equal pay. At Microsoft, we are committed to the principle of equal pay for equal work for our employees. The following information shows a comparison of the pay of all U.S.-based employees who have the same job title and level.
Today, for every dollar earned by men, female employees in the U.S. earn $1.000 dollars in the same job title and level. Racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S. combined earn $1.006 for every $1 earned by their Caucasian counterparts. Breaking it down even further, African American/Black employees are at $1.003; Hispanic/Latinx employees are at $1.002; and Asian employees are at $1.007 for every $1 earned by Caucasian employees at the same job title and level, respectively.

Data as of September 1, 2018.